“‘My Luv’ is a shimmering slice of gentle pop; guitars chime, the bass line provides a simple but effective structure to hang everything on and the unfussy beat moves things along at just the right pace. Unhurried but purposeful."

"In ‘My Luv,’ their latest single, the band shines bright, delivering a tune that never lets up in positive vibes and heartwarming feels."


"...somewhere in the middle there…not too soft, not too rock…DeepC Divers are playing Goldilocks’ perfect bowl of porridge – everything about this single is just right."

Below, you'll find our most recent album, We’re All Americans, along with our other albums and various tracks. You can find our work available on BandcampSoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.


We’re All Americans

You can preview and purchase our album, We’re All Americans, at Bandcamp. It's also available streaming on multiple platforms, including Spotify.

  1. My Luv (4:54)

  2. In the Bubble (3:33)

  3. It’s No Secret (3:54)

  4. We’re All Americans (2:14)

  5. Living My Life (2:59)

Making Waves

You can preview, purchase, or stream our album, Making Waves, at a variety of locations.

  1. This Flight (4:41)

  2. Feel the Light (4:53)

  3. Say to Me (4:45)

  4. Smile for Better Days (3:54)

  5. Close to My Heart (4:10)

  6. Sunshine (3:33)

  7. Who's Gonna (4:06)

  8. Be My Friend (5:16)